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Aleks Simcic - Son

Stubborn, persistent, hard-working, open-minded. A man of action.

»I plan where we will be in ten years, how we will get there, who drinks our wines. Wine is passion, a love that warms the soul and sanctifies the work. And at the same time it is fair that emotions give way to reason. I can fall in love with wine: the right wine is that which wins me over with the first glass.«

Simcic story

The story of wine is conceived, unravelled and ennobled by the vine itself. The character of a vintage is shaped throughout the time of flowering and ripening; unpredictable and never affected by exactly the same ratios of the friendliness of the Sun and the anger of the Storm. On its natural way to the wine cellar, our care and work are a support to the vine in giving the best that was intended for the grapes. After that, our wines merely rest in their cellar. We must let them be so they become that vintage quality which is the foundation of our wine style.
When wine leaves the darkness of the cellar, it is revealed on the table with a name and an unusual appearance. It does not care about prominence and glory, it represents enough even without those things. It is offered the same as it has evolved in spirit and taste: joyous, vivacious, serious at moments, but a little liberating throughout. True prominence is never superior.

Edi Simcic - Father

The wine cellar grew with him and is still carries his name.

“One motive, one creed: to do well whatever you do. Nature itself speaks to the one who can hear it. When the years of being in company with vineyards and grapes provided feelings with certainty and estimations with reliability, predictions were no longer difficult. Changes are the only constant on this path from generation to generation: my son Aleks is my best partner.”


Nature teaches us to think naturally in our everydaywork. The morning dew says something about the brevity of life and roots can teach you much about persistence. The sun encourages a wealth of thoughts about abundance; icy grains remind us that even a pause and a reflection have their purpose. Amidst the vines and the sky, opening towards the sea, nature shapes our character as we encounter it - always the same and yet always a different kind of story, crowned by wines with profoundness, uniqueness and freshness.