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The grapes, from which Zlati grič (Golden hill) cultivate vintage wines, are growing on first-class viticultural positions, where a tradition of producing is more than 800 years old. They produce only quality and top-level wines, therefore their grape production technology is based on minimum vine load and environmentally friendly production. A unique opportunity for all lovers of pleasure-vintage wines, fruit brandys, good foods, history, and enjoyment of nature.


Written sources of the French Order of Carthusian monks from Žička kartuzija (1164) date wine growing in Slovenske Konjice to more than 800 years ago. Santonino wrote that in the 15th century they had more wine in their cellars than the rest of the country put together. They had many of their vineyards situated in excellent positions in Škalce. In those same positions they produce grapes of selected wine varietals today.

Zlati Grič covers the entire region to the east and is set amidst beautiful countryside. Being new, everything is modern and state-of-the-art. The grapes are used to cultivate vintage wines, and although this winery is new, the tradition for producing wine here dates back eight hundred years.

Zlati grič vineyards

The estate consists of 80 hectares. They produce only high quality wines, so the technology of producing grapes is based on the least possible weight of vines and on the environment kind producing. Wines are mosty growing on medium heavy sandy-clay soil, what is reflected in the nature of their wines. To our type of wine also contribute also the local climate with a lot of sunny days and a mix of Alpine and Pannonian climate especially at the hillsides of Pohorje and Konjiška gora.

The winery is known for its high-quality red, white and sparkling wines - you can try these in the huge tasting room. The wine cellar and visitor centre are located at the lower end of the vineyards in a large modern building that is mostly underground.

"State of the art" wine cellar

The wine cellar Golden Hill (Zlati grič) represents one of the most modern and up-todate wine cellars in the region in the regards to technological equipment and architectonic layout. The 3500 square meters big building is completely entrenched in the ground, with roofs overgrown with grass.

Only minor facade elements are visible, so character of existent viniferous landscape of idyllic surroundings is preserved to most extent. Light penetrates to the inside through glassed atriums. The capacity of the cellar is 13.000 hectoliters. The majority of wine containers are the so-called Inox cisterns, equipped and connected to a system for supervision and quality control. The cellar with a wooden container, with a capacity of 450 hectoliters, represents the representative part at the tasting hall.

For well-regulated vineyards, quality of grapes, harmony and fullness of wines of Zlati grič take care winegrowers and cellarman in the company under the careful control of the production leader Dejan Brečko and the enologist Sašo Topolšek.