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Classic Series wines

The wines of INTERROIR Classic are vinified from healthy and fully ripe grapes. The wines are very fruity with variety typical aromas and delicate terroir expressions.


The name INTERROIR expresses two different things. First, it stands for “International Terroir”, and second, that we want to put the best TERROIR of a region IN the bottle according to our philosophy.

INTERROIR is based on the understanding that great wines are growing all over the world and that they are showing a unique characteristic as a result of the terroir of the place where they were growing.

INTERROIR is moving the terroir in the center of consideration and is following the idea of putting wines of different origins under one umbrella brand. Every wine is expressing the characteristic of its origin in Joachim Skoff´s way of interpretation and with his personal “signature”.

The word „terroir“ derives from the French language and expresses the combined influence of the factors topography, soil, climate (meso as well as micro) and philosophy of the winegrower on the wine. Wines that are showing terroir expressions are seen high class as they are reflecting the characteristic of their origin.
INTERROIR is an Austrian based international wine brand that is owned and managed by Joachim Skoff.

Premium Collection wines

For the INTERROIR Premium Collection only healthy and fully ripe grapes are used that were selected from vineyards with especially expressive terroir and very low yields per hectar.

The wines are characterized by very intensive and variety typical fruit aromas and are very fine structured and elegant. Furthermore, they are clearly showing minerality and distinctive terroir expressions.

Joachim Skoff, INTERROIR winemaker

Joachim Skoff is an Austrian winemaker. He is the 5th generation of the Skoff family who is growing wines. After his winemaking education at the “HBLA Klosterneuburg” he was studying International Business Administration and did a CEMS master degree in the International Management. He studied in Vienna, Hong Kong and Barcelona. Furthermore, he attended summer universities in USA and Vietnam. After he had finished all his studies he did a 6 month long round the world trip, where he got to know his Fiancee in New Zealand.

Joachim has already had a passion for wine when he was a child and learned the quality philosophy from little on.Beside the long lasting experience in the wine estate of his parents, Joachim has also worked as winemaker assistant in New Zealand, Chile and South Africa. This widened his view for international wines and established the basis of the current concept of INTERROIR.

Joachim believes that great wines are born in the head of the winemaker, who selects in a second step the appropriate terroir to put his idea into reality. He is especially fascinated by the terroir driven diversity of international wines.