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MAROF wine cellar

High technology meets traditional wine-making, modern environment blends with nature, offering an unforgettable journey for your senses.

On the ground floor a vast tasting room with glass walls surprises you with a picturesque view of the vineyards and surrounding nature. In the cellar a whole new world is revealed.
A carefully designed wine cellar, with modern raw concrete walls, combined with materials as wood and stainless steel works as a perfect environment for housing high-quality wines.
Hi-tech equipment in each segment reveals the seriousness and a long-term vision behind the winemaking. 

On the first floor a small balcony stretches and enables you to see the vineyards with the pool nestled in-between the descending hills and you even get to touch the crown of the old linden tree.

MAROF History

The name of the winery “MAROF,” meaning “Meierhof” in German, is an agricultural estate dating back to 1905, when the Hungarian family Szápáry built a kind of “hunting house” together with agricultural buildings and a wine cellar there.

Coming from Slovakian town Rimavska Sobota Peter Szápáry got at that time Hungarian town Murska Sobota and the surrounding area as a present in 1690. The family owned it until the territory became a part of Slovenian state in 1919.

Marof’s agricultural tradition started in 1922 and continued during periods of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Kingdom of Hungary, Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Slovenia till now.

It has always been a mixed agricultural estate.
In 2002 it became a part of Panvita group.
In the reflex of the tradition … With the enthusiasm, and with the new momentum… MAROF is creating new wine related stories of the future of the Prekmurje region.

Winery Marof has successfully founded new bases of the creation of wines in the Prekmurje region. Severally awarded excellence of domestic and of foreign enological professionals is proving that we are on the right way and that wines from the Prekmurje region may easily compete with the best Slovenian and world renowned wines.

MAROF vineyards

The MAROF winery is located in the “Prekmurje” (meaning north of the “Mura” river) region, whose main city is Murska Sobota. The region’s Hungarian, Austrian and Croatian influences show how EUROPE can work without the nationalism and conflicts of its ethnic groups.

Vineyards of the Marof winery are stretching across the most beautiful foothills of the unspoiled environment of the Goričko area.  They are thoroughly cultivating 40 hectare vineyards with the utmost respectfulness and with the intuition towards the nature.

Winemaker Uroš Valcl

To the enologist Uroš Valcl, his passion for grape vines, reaches all the way back to his childhood.  He grew up in the family which got deeply and traditionally involved in winegrowing, and with eighteen years he took over officially the management of the estate and the care of the vineyards and of  the winegrowing process.
During years he upgraded his knowledge and his love for the wine and vine grapes has been developing all the time. He is cultivating the vine grapes with the utmost respectfulness towards the nature, as the nature has the most important role at the creation of the high quality wines. He is creating wines that excel by strong local character and by the globally awarded outstanding performance.

Winemaking philosophy

Grape-vine knows the mysteries of the soil and these mysteries are being disclosed to us through grapes. In each grape the specific properties of the Prekmurje region are being reflected, distinguished by the unspoiled nature, by the endless number of sunny days, by the amicability, by the friendliness and by the hospitality of the local people. All the grapes are being thoroughly and carefully picked up by hand ant therefore each glass of the Marof wine is unique. With the spirit of tradition it is conveying you to the magical past, with the freshness of the character of the present time.