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Nafa is carrying on their family tradition. They are very diligent and thorough, and at the same time striving for progress and innovation. They know where they came from and where they want to go, but never forget their roots. The soil, their most precious heritage, is incorporated in our modern daily activities. Nafa combined natural features with professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, and preserved all the characteristics of the Vipava terroir.


The story of the Skrlj family who created the Nafa trademark is closely linked with the soil, which already made their great-great-grandparents fall in love with it. Their ancestors came to the Vipava Valley from the Carst region and settled in the village of Vrhpolje in the middle of the 18th century.

The core of the family tradition remains agriculture, especially wine growing. In 1985 their wine barrels were replaced with more modern containers. They manufactured their first stainless steel storage tanks and started marketing them. In a few years' time the production of stainless steel products completely outsold the rest of our products. In 1988 a prototype of the pneumatic grape press was manufactured and tested. Their enterpreneurial spirit, ambitiousness and ingenuity has always drawn inspiration from the soil.

In accordance with family tradition they also preserved a line of mature red wines boasting ripe tannins and a harmonious taste.

Nafa vineyards

The microclimate of the Upper Vipava Valley offers excellent conditions for producing fresh and characteristic wines with a pronounced variety and freshness of taste. The cool air above the Nanos plateau provides low night temperatures for the grapes to mature; thus preserving the distinctive varietal aromas in white, as well as red wines.

Upper Vipava Valley is embedded in the slope stretching towards the Kovk and the Nanos plateau, reigns the village of Vrhpolje. Nested in the heart of the Upper Vipava Valley, it proudly takes views over the surrounding fertile fields and vineyards that are stretching down towards Vipava. Rich layers of marl and flysch are a prescious legacy, left by the sea. The fertile soil making love with the sun and being a friend of the untamed bora wind, offered the people who settled here the most precious gift of all - the gift of life.
They cultivated a line of fresh wines with a pleasant, elegant bouquet and a full taste: Sauvignon, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot in Blend.


They name their company from a wooden vessel holding approximately 10 liters and was used as a means for wine decanting - "Nafa".