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The Ptuj Winery is the oldest winery/wine cellar in Slovenia with a huge heritage of tradition in wine growing (since 1239). On this pillar company has built a modern, trendy wine range of great quality. Wines are not only the most awarded in our wine region, but also in the whole larger area (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Northern Italy, and Hungary).

Pullus story

At Ptujska Klet wine cellar, tradition and a modern approach have joined forces. Following a strategic decision for the long-term development of the concept of the harmony of wine and food, we created Pullus, a wine with flavour, in 2007. By doing so, they have made  their determination known and have proclaimed their heartfelt conviction that the future of winemaking lies in the fusion of culinary culture and people's everyday concern about a healthy lifestyle. They send Pullus into the world with the possibility and opportunity to do this again.

Best of Show in San Francisco 2009, Best of Nation in Japan 2010, Gold medal in Bruxelles, Gold, Silver, Bronze on Decanter in London, Silver in Cannes, Champion on all Slovenian wine challenges, gold, silver, bronze medals in Ljubljana, etc. speak for themselves.

In just two years Ptujska Klent winery have boosted their new wine brand »Pullus - The Wine with taste« to be one of the most known and sold wine brands in Slovenia. 400 ha of vineyards, annually between 1 and 1.5 million litres of wine, 85% of them are white varieties.

The winery creates diversified styles of wines. Majorly fresh, fruity, aromatic dry wines, but also matured (oak fermented) dry wines, sparkling wines as well as sweet and predicate wines and special bottlings.


The history of viticulture and winemaking in and around Ptuj is a history of institutions and individuals. The Minorite Monastary, built in 1239 was home to the first feudal lords of the region the Monorites, together with the Dominicans they came to not only inhabit the land but to shape it with their architecture.

The roots of winemaking in Ptuj stretch to the beginning the second millennium. Archeological finds of ancient Roman amphora's, glasses and goblets which give further evidence of developed winegrowing. The industry was particularly prolific between the first and fourth centuries with the arrival of Christianity. The feudal lords of Ptuji inherited the Haloze vineyards in 1483 and began systematically increasing wine production.

Ptuj wine cellar and vineyards

In Ptuj wine cellar magnificent tradition is combined with the latest topmost technology to ensure our wines to be among the healthiest on the market. We create wines with endless love and care for grapes, which are all picked by hand in the vineyards and processed in the cellar in less than two hours. They are carefully monitoring the process of growing and cultivation, which is essential at creating a range of first-class wines.

In the dark, small nooks of the ancient Ptuj wine-cellar, bottles, covered with molds and cobwebs, are hiding some of the finest, invaluable treasures of Ptuj. The Ptuj wine-cellar is a proud owner of the oldest Slovenian wine, Stara trta( the Old vine ) from 1917.

In the secret world of dusty walls, all the good vintages of the twentieth century are stored: 1917, 1921, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1941, 1943, 1945 and all of the after-war vintages. Ptuj archive wines are attended with immense love for the noble vine, resulting in the golden yellow droplets of happiness.

The oldest Wine Cellar with the oldest wine in the Slovenia (1917)