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Radgonske gorice is a renowned producer of superior wines. The wines are produced from grapes, which grow in the hilly and sun-exposed vineyards of the region of Slovenske gorice, between the rivers Ščavnica and Mura, where the alpine and Panonian climates meet, giving the wine its special quality and freshness.

The sparkling wine cellar

In the year 1853, an unknown journalist of the Slovenian newspaper “Bleiweisove Novice” wrote about the beginnings of the production of Styrian sparkling wine, the first successful Slovenian “champagne” (1852). Later, after 1883, the banker and producer of champagne Clotar Bouvier, continued with the production of sparkling wines for many years. Today, the company Radgonske gorice still faithfully follows this old tradition.
Dom Perignon, a French monk who lived in the 17th century, is credited with the invention of the champagne method. The essence of the classical method is the long lasting in-bottle fermentation and ripening.
The preparations in the champagne cellar of Radgona last at least two years. The basic wine used for Radgona Gold is Chardonnay. Exceptional quality is attained with the original classical “methode champenoise”. This has been repeatedly proved by numerous gold medals and champion titles in Ljubljana. Radgonske Gorice are very proud of the gold medals in Brussels 1996 and in Bordeaux 1998, as well as of the silver medals in Paris 1997 and London 1998. Champion titles have been obtained at the quality assessments Vinoforum 1997 and 1998, in Gornja Radgona 1997 and 1998, as well as in Split 1998.

The bottle cellar under the waterfall

At the end of the second millennium, they have restored the cellar under the waterfall, which comes out of the rock of the castle hill and it is the most interesting river Mura affluent. More than 120.000 bottles of various high quality wines are stored in two cellars, which are connected by a passage. The waterfall is an unusual attraction for a wine cellar and it sets up a special atmosphere when tasting the wines.

Treasury of archival sparkling wines

Radgonske gorice have officially opened the treasury of archival sparkling wines, which has been kept in the Bottle Cellar under the Waterfall and the Bottle Cellar under the Roman Wheel. They have been ageing Radgona Gold bottles for three decades, which makes the oldest sparkling wine from the year 1977. That coincides with the vintage when the first bottles with the Slovenian sparkling wine name were filled.

The “klopotec” is a big wooden rattle, which is placed in the vineyards at the end of the summer to keep the birds away. Its cheerful rattling sound portends good news. It announces a good harvest and makes the heart of every winegrower rejoice. It has its very special sound, its rhythm and its intensity when whirling in the wind over the wide expanse of the vineyards. That is why the “klopotec” is an important visual and acoustic feature of our winegrowing region. It heralds the time when we may anticipate the pleasure of reaping the harvest; the moment when the grapes will be ripe for picking and when their juice will become must and later wine. The merry song of the “klopotec” can be heard in the vineyards only, where it rightly belongs and where it shares the fate of the wine: both, wine and “klopotec” are best enjoyed on home ground.

You will not believe it, but you can hear the vineyards