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Santomas wine cellar

L. N. Glavina decided to establish a new wine cellar and an oil mill in the beginning of 2005. Built of genuine Istrian blue stone, the idea for Santomas wine cellar today, rose in the architect Marko Lavrenčič. Its three levels expand over 2400 m². The grapes processing plant, laboratory and tasting room are housed in the first level, storage room and room for barrique barrels are placed in the second level, meanwhile the lowest is housing a wine bank for storing the wine of our customers.

Santomas histrory

The Glavina family has cultivated vines, olives and other crops for 200 years.

Established in 1997, the Santomas trademark was designed by Ludvik Nazarij Glavina. The idea arose from the book "Topographie de toutes les vignobles" written in 1832, where Ludvik noticed and remembered the author's note on wines from Capodistria area Santomas being very drinkable and pleasant.

The estate nowadays consists of a modern wine cellar with a tasting room, an enological laboratory, a wine storage and a wine bank. Upon recommendation of the architects the whole structure honors the unwritten laws of Istrian architectural tradition.
In a peaceful village Šmarje near Capodistria, in the heart of Slovenian Istria, extend the vineyards and olive orchards of Ludvik Nazarij Glavina. The story of the vintage wines, distinctive Šmarje olive oil and grappa, incorporated in Santomas trademark begins at almost 50 acres of vineyards and 7,5 acres of olive orchards. The owner's philosophy is based on honouring the tradition and genuine Istrian heritage as well as honesty in farming and respect to the environment.

Santomas philosophy

The owner's wish is to combine the elements of the Istrian cultural heritage with the modern marketing methods with respect to the tradition of his forefathers and achieve topmost quality with up-to-date wine technology at the same time. Increasing the recognition of the Slovenian Istria as the land of hearty people, virgin olive oil and vintage wines is the mission of the Santomas trademark.

Santomas vineyards

Currently about 19 ha of vineyards in different areas of Slovenian Istria are cultivated. In Santomas we believe each area to have its own characteristics (soil, height above sea-level, vicinty of the sea, humidity, sunlight...), creating an unique microclimate and eventually specific character of harvest in each area.

Santomas devotes its efforts to the traditional sorts of Slovenian Istria, refosco and Istrian malvazija above all. Among international sorts in Santomas also merlot and cabernet sauvignon can be found.