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There is more than 80.000 bottles of Ščurek's fine wine offered on the markets all over the world each year. The family remains faithful to fresh, but full wine therefore they delay wine decanting in late spring. With modern technology they try to discover all the secrets of oak barrels but a great emphasis is given to native varieties. . Family's main goal is to bring the quality even on higher levels. They are particularly proud on their red and white Old Brajda, UP and Kontra.
Scurek winery

Ščurek winary´s is located in Medana in sunny Goriška Brda ,in the west part of slovenia, near the Italian Friuli Region. Ščurek family is engaged in wine production already for ages - started by grand-grandfather Franc , who produced more than 50 hectolitres of wine already in the beginning of 20th century.
The major part of the estate’s vineyards lies in the Italian section of Brda, with Grotišče, Dugo, Mahober, Jazbine, Jordano, Gredič and Kozlink being the prime sites. Each year the Ščureks release up to 80,000 bottles of top quality wine. They have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines, and delay the first racking until late spring.

Today the winery is ran by Franc's  grandson Stojan and 5 young grand-grand sons who are eager to continue family’s superb tradition.Ščurek family is cultivating more than 20 acres of vineyards. The vineyards are mostly located on sunny Slovenian and Italian part of Gorica hills such as Grotišče, Dugo, Mahober, Jazbine, Jordano, Gredič and Kozlink.