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Vina Koper is a wine producing company with the largest proportion of its own vineyards in the country. With deep understanding of Slovenian traditions as well as tastes and needs of today's wine lovers. Connoisseur and a simple drinker will find among our wines the one that will magically enhance any moment of pleasure. Vina Koper takes pride in and they are honoured by the title of the largest producer of wine in Slovenia. They have been producing top-quality and luxurious wines since the foundation of the company in 1947.


Vina Koper was founded on the premises of the French company J. Champion & Cie. Vins de Champagne from Reims located at the Koper Belvedere, where sparkling wines were produced from the 2nd half of the 19th century onward. After its foundation on 27 February 1947, over 300,000 litres of wine were stored at the headquarters of the company. Due to an increased number of customers, a new, larger cellar was constructed at Škocjan, at one of the coldest locations in Koper, where Vinakoper has produced wines until present day. At first, the wine produced in the cellars was sold in bulk. Though in 1954, the company procured a bottling line from the German company Seitz, holding a world-wide reputation. The bottling line was marked by the consecutive number 2.

Numerous domestic and international acknowledgements, which have been bestowed to their cellar during previous years, are a testimony to the fact that they are treading the right path. After 65 years of care and maintaining of tradition, Vinakoper has become a synonym of quality and success. They have managed to become the largest wine producer in Slovenia, as well as the largest producer of red wine, thanks to every participant in the production process, including their customers.

Vina Koper vineyards and cellar

The hills surrounding the Adriatic port city of Koper are covered with grape vines, a testament to the long tradition of wine making in the region. Some 500 hectares of these vineyards belong to Vina Koper. With the warm breezes that blow off the Adriatic and the fertile soil that nourishes the grapes, Vina Koper occupies one of the prime growing locations in the world. It offers a wide range of reds and whites suitable for almost any taste. The high quality wines it makes are known throughout Slovenia as some of the best available. As a result, most of Vina Koper’s wine is earmarked for domestic sale - only a small fraction of the production is available to us for importation.

At ten sunny wine-bearing locations they cultivate various grape varieties, which have become as characteristic as the autochthonous Refosco, the ruby-coloured jewel of a wine, the untamed Malvasia whose star has been shinig ever more brightly,  the prestigious Cabernet, capable of finesse that will impress even the most demanding and also a Perfumed Sauvignon Blanc, Noble Chardonney, Elegant Merlot and Modern Shiraz. The really vast potential of the region as it is displayed in the prestigious Capo d'Istria line.

In their magnificent cellar, constructed from sandstone, which is typical for Istria, four million bottles of different wine sorts and varieties are produced annually. Their wines illustrate our most important values: natural production and high quality. This is why in the rich bouquet of their wines, you will taste the sea, the flysch-marl soil, and the vividness and sun of the Mediterranean Istria, and sense their luxurious structure and fruity aroma.

Slovenian biggest barrel

The biggest wooden barrel in Slovenia and one of the biggest wooden barrels in Europe is located in Vina Koper cellar.