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Vipava 1894 wines

The wine cellar bottles the popular white sorts Vipavec and Vrtovčan, Ribolla and Riesling Italic are well-liked too.  Among the top quality white wines it bottles Pinot Blanch, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscat, Pikolit and among red wines: Barbera, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Particular attention is devoted to excellent wines harvested from selected parts of the Vipava Valley (Pinela, Zelen, Sauvignon Lože, Sauvignon Zemono, Chardonnay Mandrija and Merlot Biljenski griči). The sorts Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are sometimes produced »en barrique« (using the barrique method). Pleasant, sparkling wines: Theodosius, Stoletna penina, Penina Zelen and the sweet dessert wine Vipava pikolit occupy a special place in the wine cellar.

Vipava 1894 History

Viticulture in the Vipava valley ascribes great importance to the year 1894, when the winegrowers of Vipava founded the first wine cellar in Slovenia, which was registered as the Vipava Wine Cooperative. The history of this Cooperative is very colourful, as it has survived two world wars and an Italian occupation. In these turbulent times, the Cooperative operated without interruptions.
In the Vipava region, the grape vine had once been cultivated as a marginal culture, on the fields in the straights, by stakes, willows, mulberries and other trees, on terraces of slopes. In the sixties, the Vipava region began with a renewal of plantation vineyards in the Biljen hills. The terrace plantations in Biljen hills were, for long years, (along with the plantations at Črni Kal and Koper area) the only larger plantations in Slovenia, and span over 240 ha nowadays.
It's a world where the Alps meet the Mediterranean freshness and sweetness. A world, where the sun and the bora wind - over and over again - plunge into dancing… Sometimes they’re playful, sometimes violent... Sun caresses the terraced slopes, bora curls the vines. Wine is an essence of human inspiration, pleasure and joy, an inseparable part of culture and traditions. Let’s explore its pleasurable qualities and rejoice with it! Begin a sensual adventure - wine tasting in the cellar “Vipava 1894”! The secrets of producing our top most wines will be revealed to you, while pleasantly walking along our wooden barrels.

Our Vineyards

The Vipava valley, a picturesque vineyard area, a land of sun and mild climate, where alpine and Mediterranean worlds meet. The terrace slopes, facing the sun, are just the right environment for the cultivation of vineyards. This is a place with a tradition in grapegrowing, reaching far into the past. The history of the Vipava valley is mainly a history of the vine and wine. The rich heritage of customs and habits, too, is tied to the grape vine and wine at every step.