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In a peaceful village Šmarje near Capodistria, in the heart of Slovenian Istria, extend the vineyards and olive orchards of Ludvik Nazarij Glavina. The story of the vintage wines, distinctive Šmarje olive oil and grappa, incorporated in Santomas trademark begins at almost 50 acres of vineyards and 7,5 acres of olive orchards. The owner's philosophy is based on honouring the tradition and genuine Istrian heritage as well as honesty in farming and respect to the environment.

We provide wines with best value and quality possible in each region. We seek to work with leading producers to hand-craft wines that are truly representative in the wine's region of origin and the winemaker's individual style.

The Ptuj Winery is the oldest winery/wine cellar in Slovenia with a huge heritage of tradition in wine growing (since 1239). On this pillar company has built a modern, trendy wine range of great quality. Wines are not only the most awarded in our wine region, but also in the whole larger area (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Northern Italy, and Hungary).
Goriška Brda

The exquisite wines of “Goriška Brda” wine cellar are being born among charming vineyards, right in the heart of Goriška brda region. The mission of one of the most renowned and major Slovene wine producers is to successfully continue and improve the centuries-long tradition of wine making. Their wines impress wine lovers and experts in Slovenia and in countries throughout the world. The secret lies in the passionate skilfulness of our team in incorporating the unique particularities of Goriška brda in their internationally awarded still and sparkling wines.
Golden Hill (Zlati Grič)

The grapes, from which Zlati grič (Golden hill) cultivate vintage wines, are growing on first-class viticultural positions, where a tradition of producing is more than 800 years old. They produce only quality and top-level wines, therefore their grape production technology is based on minimum vine load and environmentally friendly production. A unique opportunity for all lovers of pleasure-vintage wines, fruit brandys, good foods, history, and enjoyment of nature.

Nafa is carrying on their family tradition. They are very diligent and thorough, and at the same time striving for progress and innovation. They know where they came from and where they want to go, but never forget their roots. The soil, their most precious heritage, is incorporated in our modern daily activities. Nafa combined natural features with professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, and preserved all the characteristics of the Vipava terroir.
Vina Koper

Vina Koper is a wine producing company with the largest proportion of its own vineyards in the country. With deep understanding of Slovenian traditions as well as tastes and needs of today's wine lovers. Connoisseur and a simple drinker will find among our wines the one that will magically enhance any moment of pleasure. Vina Koper takes pride in and they are honoured by the title of the largest producer of wine in Slovenia. They have been producing top-quality and luxurious wines since the foundation of the company in 1947.

INTERROIR is an Austrian based international wine brand that is owned and managed by Joachim Skoff

When wine leaves the darkness of the cellar, it is revealed on the table with a name and an unusual appearance. It does not care about prominence and glory, it represents enough even without those things. It is offered the same as it has evolved in spirit and taste: joyous, vivacious, serious at moments, but a little liberating throughout. True prominence is never superior.
Vipava 1894

Let’s explore its pleasurable qualities and rejoice with it! Begin a sensual adventure - wine from “Vipava 1894”! The secrets of producing our top most wines will be revealed to you, while pleasantly walking along our wooden barrels.

In the reflex of the tradition … With the enthusiasm, and with the new momentum… MAROF is creating new wine related stories of the future of the Prekmurje region. Winery Marof has successfully founded new bases of the creation of wines in the Prekmurje region. Severally awarded excellence of domestic and of foreign enological professionals is proving that we are on the right way and that wines from the Prekmurje region may easily compete with the best Slovenian and world renowned wines.

Nothing is more appealing to the heart than youthful energy and an avid zest for life. Joy and laughter effervesce from the bottle. Fragrant Traminer, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc and 8 cuvee - a luxurious palette of harmonious flavours. And then there is Ranina, a variety indigenous to this district, a queen who always takes pride of place.

The major part of the estate’s vineyards lies in the Italian section of Brda, with Grotišče, Dugo, Mahober, Jazbine, Jordano, Gredič and Kozlink being the prime sites. Each year the Ščureks release up to 80,000 bottles of top quality wine. They have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines, and delay the first racking until late spring.
Radgonske Gorice

Radgonske gorice is a renowned producer of superior wines. The wines are produced from grapes, which grow in the hilly and sun-exposed vineyards of the region of Slovenske gorice, between the rivers Ščavnica and Mura, where the alpine and Panonian climates meet, giving the wine its special quality and freshness.
Kobal Wines

The Kobal brand introduces the wines from the selected vineyards of Štajerska Slovenia to the wine map.
Alps Wine winery

The taste to be trusted!

Janez Istenič decided to produce a sparkling wine that needed to take its time. First the base wine: the vineyard must grow, the vine must mature so it bears fruit, so the grapes can be brought to the cellar and the must turn to wine, which then undergoes another fermentation in the bottle before becoming sparkling wine.

Ducal began its story just recently on the steep slopes of Svečina, small hilly village, bordering with Austria, characterized by its beautiful landscape and diverse wine tastes.
Vina Kras

Vinakras is the biggest wine cellar in the world for producing  wine Teran, which is world known specialty because of growing only in Slovenian Karst.

Ferdinand wines are superb in style & technique and have a very personal, unique note as well, reflecting love for nature and passion for winesand winemaking. They are simply special.